Data Migration is a crucial task for any organization. If you are replacing or upgrading your database, application or business process, you need to make sure that data is being transferred correctly without any disruption.

Torana has always helped clients to implement successfully migration of the system be it a data warehouse or a back office settlement system. Our experts not only help customer design and implement the migration but they make sure that the checks and controls have been placed properly to make sure that it is a success.

Below are different types of migrations we have implemented at our various clients.

Data Migration Services – sm

Database Migration

Database migration involves moving from one database software to another. E.g. Your organization just bought Netezza and is planning to move all the databases from Oracle to Netezza.

ETL Tool Migration

ETL Tool migration involves moving from one ETL tool to another. E.g. your organization just bought Informatica and is planning to move all the ETL processes from DataStage to Informatica.

Application/ System Migration

If you are migrating from current systems/ applications like CRM, Accounting, HR or something else to a newer or different corresponding system/ application.

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