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What is iCEDQ?

iCEDQ is a purpose built ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring platform for data – centric projects. iCEDQ provides a completely automated solution including the ability to audit, validate and reconcile data within and across heterogeneous data sets, in order to identify errors in the data integration process.


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Use Cases

Data Warehouse Testing/ ETL Testing

ETL is a black box, it is difficult to know if the data was loaded or transformed correctly or not. The only way to test an ETL process is by actually comparing the source data and the target data for data exceptions.

Data Migration Testing

Data migration involves either moving from one database software to another or upgrading a database version. Also if you are migrating the ETL tool vendor or upgrade of an ETL tool. All of these migrations can be tested using iCEDQ.

Data Monitoring & Governance

Once any project and/ or system go in to production, it’s important to monitor or govern the data, which is critical to the business in the production system.

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