Healthcare industries are experiencing increase in completion, regulations, and compliances. Adjusting to all of these fast paced changes not only from the business side but from the IT services side is very tedious and time consuming. Also, the organizations have to make sure that the quality to cost of care ratio is being balanced properly while implementing the above mentioned changes to the organization.

Providers, Claims & Payers

We work with healthcare companies to build a single source of trust for their business intelligence platforms. We have successfully implemented an enterprise data warehouse from mid-size to large companies. Our experts have gained immense knowledge by working with our healthcare clients. So much so that we have built an out of the box enterprise data warehouse model for healthcare companies know as Health Quantz.

ICD 9 – ICD 10 Conversion

Healthcare companies have been facing a new challenge of moving from ICD9 standard to ICD10 standard. Torana helps healthcare companies to successfully migrate from ICD9 – ICD10 and test the conversions.

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