Torana has years of experience in building critical data centric systems for our financial clients. We have helped financial institutions from analyzing their core financial applications for migrations to building complex and critical data warehouse and business intelligence systems.

In financial institutions, the new challenge is accommodating to fast growing customer demands with fast-paced technological advances, while making sure it is being compliant to the government regulations. We help customer to perform all of this at a reduced cost without compromising on the quality of the product, process, and services.

Securities & Investment

Implementing a complete back office system for the securities business and investment trust back office system are in operation at a large number of securities companies, serving as standard infrastructure for the industry. Feeding financial data to the data warehouse and reporting platform for asset management. We deal with different types of modules Trades, Settlement, FINRA Compliance & Regulatory Reporting, Stock Record, Positions, Cash Projections, etc.

Fixed Income Settlement & Accounting

Building or Migrating in-house fixed income (FI) settlement and accounting systems to IMPACT FI systems from Broadridge. We oversee the design of architecture, models, on processing real-time messages, and batch data form the new system. Separation and partitioning of an existing system for the Equities business, major-re-plumbing of finance and regulatory and general ledger feeds, new interfaces for risk, a new suite of reports for compliance.

Market Data Hub

Advising, Proposing & Building a data warehouse solution. Making use of current infrastructure, consolidate and integrate data that is spread across the company and introduce proper data architecture framework. The major subject area being Attribution, Performance, BenchMark Analysis, valuations, Exposures, Duration data hub, and market data hub.

Global Wealth Management

Master Data Management systems are built for analytical reports because of the unstructured nature of existing data. The business needs an integrated version of its data accessible to any reporting tool for reporting and marketing campaigns.

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